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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind this is an early prototype with limited functions and bugs!

In own interest: Unfortunately things are not working well for myself and my indie game studio at the moment. If you are interested in helping me out, testing or just giving feedback please don't hesitate to do so! Every bit helps me at the moment by that I mean: Comments, sales, feedback, donations, follower, whatever

Please make sure to visit my game developer blog as well: Dev Blog

Known Issues:

  • Statistics not working
  • Unranked, ranked not available yet

Shuffleboard cat was planned as mobile game, but in the retrospective I came across the understanding that I prefer to develop games for the PC market and would like to publish it to PC. This is the reason for setting up this site I would like to play with you my game and receiving some feedback to further improve the game before a full release happens!

Let me introduce Shuffleboard cat real quick to you. In Shuffleboard cat you slide your team of cats over the floor and try to score as much points as possible. Your opponent will do the same and is able to bounce off your cats, so be careful! You can play Shuffleboard cat versus an AI opponent or even a real person. The rules are more or less like the original Shuffleboard game. 

I already made some games within the Flat Fat Cat franchise. Therefore some may already know the assets. I think they are quite cute and make the game a lot of fun. 

If you are interested in helping me to develop this game even further please participate here on discussions or join my discord server to give your feedback or ask questions. I appreciate that a lot!

Further features planned

  • Accessorizes / Skins for cats
  • Ranking, ranked play
  • Some kind of progression and unlocking system

Pirate skin


Most important topics:

  • Portrait mode needs to be changed for PC, but how?
  • Input was planned as touch input is mouse control cool?
  • Is multiplayer working as expected?
  • What kind of progression you would like to have in the game?

Happy sliding!


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